SITEUNSEEN is an artist-run initiative founded as a means to explore the implications of space and location on artistic practice. As a revolving conglomerate of artists and thinkers, we are seeking to explore the socioeconomic conditions surrounding Pontiac, Michigan in order to engage with the aesthetics of labor, space, and urban decay. We also look to establish a dialogue between artists and the Oakland County community, and further aid and develop additional artist-run projects in the area.

Since its conception, our members have predominantly been graduate students from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Participation is not limited to students and alumni, but the group recognizes the need for continual and sustained growth, and often mines its members from this readily available, constantly renewable academic source. In essence, our community will always embrace a chance to provide artists with an alternative space to educate and inform their practice.

Special thanks to Unsold Studio for dedicating their time to create our postcards and logo! Check them out at



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